Book Reviews

Ingrid Rüütel

Ühte käivad meie hääled. Eesti Rahvalaule Väike-Maarja kihelkonnast (Our Voices Sing in Harmony. A Selection of Estonian Folk Songs from Väike-Maarja parish). In Estonian. Tallinn 1997: the Institute of Estonian Language. 286 pp.

The collection is the first of the new series of publications on the Estonian folk songs, intended for use in schools, amateur groups, etc. The edition contains all runo songs and their tunes recorded from Väike-Maarja parish, and a selection of more recent folk songs. The introduction gives an overview of the historical background of the songs, the relation between text and melody, the latest best performers of the area, but first and foremost, the book aims to provide assistance to its users for performing the songs and comprehending the texts. The edition is illustrated with interesting historical and ethnographic photos, and reproductions of 19th century paintings and engravings.