A word from the editors

This bulky issue of Folklore was prepared in connection with the 20th anniversary of the Society of Prehistoric Art. Thus, Folklore has two guest editors - Prof. Väino Poikalainen and Prof. Enn Ernits. The special editors were chosen for their expertise in petroglyphs and prehistoric art.

Rock art has been in the spere of interest of different scholars since Grewingk first did some research in 1848. Since 1982, recording of and research into rock art has been organised by the Estonian Society of Prehistoric Art, led by Prof. Väino Poikalainen. This society unites Estonian, Russian, Karelian and Finnish archaeologists, artists and representatives of widely different professions. Regular field works in Russian, Karelian, Kola-Sami and Siberian territories have revealed new rock art locations and provided elaborations for maps of both single and group works of rock art. A thorough overview of field works and one rock art location can be found in the monograph by Väino Poikalainen and Enn Ernits «Rock Carvings on Lake Onega. The Vodla Region. The society has also featured exhibitions home and abroad, bringing prehistoric times and the intriguing archaic world view closer to the contemporary man.

Articles featured in this issue come from authors in Finland, Russia, Estonia and Latvia. The articles introduce rock art and small forms in the territories habited by Finno-Ugric peoples, but treat also the related subjects of cup-marked stones, family symbols, etc. We would also like to point out some recent publications of interest.

The editors

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