Clothed Straw Puppets in Estonian Folk Calendar Tradition

Photo 1. Photo 2. Photo 3.


Photo 1.
A straw puppet, Mihkli parish. (Eisen 1931a: 74).
Photo 2.
An ash boy from Karksi parish. Photo: E. Selleke. EFA, Photography Archives, no. 1297.
Photo 3.
An ash boy from Karksi parish. Photo: R. Hansen, 1966. EFA, Photography Archives, no. 4986.


Map 1.
The making of the metsik (cf. Laakmann, Anderson 1934: 25).
Map 2.
The driving out of the kada (cf. Lätt 1970: 123).
Map 3.
Making clothed straw figures at Christmas and New Year's Eve (Tahma-Toomas, nääripoiss, etc.).
Map 4.
Making clothed straw figures on Ash Wednesday (tuhkapoiss, tuhatüdruk, etc.).