New option!!

Beginning with this issue, .pdf postscript files for Adobe Acrobat Reader are added. They are exact copies of the articles as they appear in the printed version of the journal (ISSN 1406-0949). You can download and use them in Your work just like the printed «Folklore». Have a nice reading!
How to view these files

  • Using Adobe Acrobat reader [Adobe]
    If You have not installed Adobe Acrobat reader yet, You can do so downloading it for free from Adobe homepage. Acrobat reader has versions for most computing platforms. With Acrobat Reader You can view the document and print it with any printer you have.

  • Using Postscript viewers
    like Ghostview You can also view and print out .pdf documents. Possible, You must define paper format A5 for correct rendering.

  • Using Postscript printer
    You can print these documents directly, using newer Postscript (Adobe Postscript level 3) printers. Please read Your printer's manual.