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Folklore 15-17

Mare Kõiva, Andres Kuperjanov

Formaat: A5
Lehekülgi: 385
ISSN: 1406-0957
Kujundus: Andres Kuperjanov
Väljaandja: EKM FO
Väljandmisaasta: 2001
Hind: 81.00 krooni

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Folklore 15-17

Ingliskeelne akadeemiline elektrooniline folklooriajakiri.
Folklore 15
Science and Folk Sentiments by Undo Uus; The Role of Perfecions in Inter-Religious Discourse by Mart Raukas; Sounds of Silence. "Mystical" Paradox in the Atthakavagga by Ilkka Pyysiäinen; Artist and Myth by Virve Sarapik; Univocité, Équivocité et Analogie by Mart Raukas; Could Kalevipoeg Have Been Human? by Henn Voolaid; Ancient astrology as a common root for science and pseudo-science by Enn Kasak. News in Brief. News in Brief. Book Reviews.

Folklore 16
Understanding Planets in Ancient Mesopotamia by Enn Kasak, Raul Veede; The Great Oak and Brother-Sister by Aado Lintrop; Night Wailer and Night Mother in Estonian and Finno-Ugric Folk Tradition by Mare Kõiva; The 'River of Paradaise' and the Legend about the City of Tbilisi: A Literary Source of the Legend by Constantine B. Lerner; Historical and Folkloric Elements in Fumo Liyongo's Epic by Kitula King'ei; Aspects of Autobiography in the Classical Swahili Poetry: Problems of Identity of Authorship by Kitula King'ei; Ethnic Perspective in Epics: the case of Hasan Bulliler by Ismail Bozkurt; Mulla or Hodja Nasreddin as seen by Cypriot Turks and Greeks by Harid Fedai. News in brief. Book Reviews.

Folklore 17
Proverbs On Animal Identity: Typological Memoirs by Arvo Krikmann; The History of Western Magic: Some Considerations by Dieter Harmening; Some Aspects Of Mordvin Mythology by Tatiana Deviatkina; Sacrificial Rites of the Udmurts on the Eastern Bank of the River Kama by Tatiana Minniakhmetov; Topics On the preservation and maintenance of the immaterial cultural heritage by Ola Wennstedt; Preservation of what? Ideological choices by Staffan Lundmark. News in Brief. Book Reviews.

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