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Neljapäeval, 24. oktoobril 2013 kell 16.15 toimub Eesti Kirjandusmuuseumis (Vanemuise 42) ARSi kõnekoosolek.
Folkloristika külalisdoktorandid Hiinast Chao Tang ja Xianfu Liu kõnelevad kaasaegsest hiina folkloristikast.
Üritus toimub inglise keeles.
Teema lühitutvustus:
Two Chinese visiting PhD students Chao Tang and Xianfu Liu from the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore will give a lecture to introduce Folkloristics in China. Firstly, they will give a brief introduction about China and introduce Ballad Movement and Folklore Collection, which were considered as the beginning of Chinese Modern Folkloristics. Secondly, they will discuss the establishment and development of the discipline of folklore in China and some specific fields of folklore studies from Chinese perspective, such as epics and material culture. Thirdly, they will talk about recent activities and international cooperation in China, e.g., the establishment of Chinese Folklore Society, the Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ten Collections, and other major projects.
Their studies in Estonia are supported by European Social Fund’s Doctoral Studies and Internationalisation Programme (Archimedes Foundation).
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