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International colloquium "Ethnomedicine and Ethnobotany within Cultural Context and Everyday Life"

Koke, March 23-24, 2007

Friday, March 23
9.00 – Departure from Estonian Literary Museum, Vanemuise 42, Tartu
10.30 – Arrival at Koke, accommodation
11.00 – Local sights tour
13.30 – Lunch
Symbolic Rituals and magical practice - Mare Kõiva, Estonian Literary Museum
Healing Skills as Group Folk Knowledge - Anu Korb, Estonian Literary Museum
Ethnomedicine of the Estonians - Ulve Pihlik, Department of Pharmacy, University of Tartu
16.00 Coffee break
16.30 – 18.00
What Makes a Medicinal Plant: Analysis of Relations Between the Plant and the Disease - Renata Sõukand, Estonian Literary Museum
Can Environmental Conditions Affect the Chemical Composition and Medicinal Properties of Officinal Plant? - Julia Shilina, Department of Botany, University of Tartu
Naturalized Plants in Estonian Ethnomedicine - Raivo Kalle, Estonian Literary Museum
18.00 Dinner
19.00 Poster presentations
Anthropomorphic Figures in the Besermians’ Modern Methods of Treating Illnesses - Elena Popova, Izhevsk, Udmurtia
The Role of Religion in Coping with the Trauma of Political Persecution: the Case of Estonia - Tõnu Lehtsaar and Heino Noor, University of Tartu
19.30 Herb gardener Katrin Luke shares her experience
20.30 - Sauna

Saturday, March 24
9.00 – 10.00 Breakfast
10.00 -11.30
Bulgarian Folk Medicine as Common Heritage - Vanya Ivanova Mateeva, Institute of Folklore Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Illnesses and Treatment of a Pet in Komi Traditional Representations – Ljudmila S. Lobanova, Folklore Department of the Institute of Language, Literature and History of Komi Science Center of Ural Division of Russian Academy of Sciences
Suppressed Ethnomedicine. The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine among the Finnish Cancer Patients during the 20th Century - Piret Paal, Department of Cultural Studies, Folkloristics, University of Helsinki
11.30 – Coffee break
Impressions of Questionnaires on Folk Medicine - Ave Tupits, Department of Folkloristics, University of Tartu
Local Traditions in Folk Medicine of Komi - Irina Ilyina, Institute of Literature and History of Komi Scientific Centre of Ural Division of Russian Academy of Sciences
Those Healing Iridescent Spring Waters - Marju Torp-Kõivupuu, Tallinn University
14.00 – Lunch
15.00 – 17.00 Discussion panel: Ethnomedicine and Ethnobotany within Cultural Context and Everyday Life
17.00 – Departure to Tartu.
The colloquium is organized by:
Estonian Folklore Institute
Department of Folkloristics at the Estonian Literary Museum
The colloquium is supported by:
Estonian Cultural Endowment
The Center of Cultural History and Folkloristics in Estonia

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