Reet Hiiemäe

  • Handling Collective Fear in Folklore (vol. 26)
  • Introductionn: Belief Narratives and Their Research (vol. 65)
  • Nonverbal Event as Part of Belief Narrative (vol. 65)
  • Belief Narratives of Spirit-Animals: A Case Study on Estonian Contemporary Folklore (vol. 77)
  • Introduction into Health-Related Folklore and Its Research: From First-Hand Experiences to Second-Hand Narrating Models (vol. 82)
  • Vernacular Reactions to COVID-19 in Estonia: Crisis Folklore and Coping (vol. 82, with Mare Kalda, Mare Kõiva, Piret Voolaid)
  • From “Unbelievable Stupidity” to “Secret Clues for Staying Healthy”: CAM Landscape and Boundary-Work in Estonian and Finnish Mainstream Media in April 2020 (vol. 82, with Terhi Utriainen)
  • Suicide Games, Abandoned Houses, and Thirst For Danger: The Youth’s Personal Experience Narratives and the Media’s Moral Panics about Semi-Supernatural Challenges in Estonia (vol. 86, with Andrus Tins)
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