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EKM Teaduskirjastus

Narrated Worlds of Belief.

Symposium dedicated to the 70th birthday of Mihály Hoppál. Abstracts


Koostaja: Mare Kõiva; Ülo Valk

ISBN: 978-9949-490-38-7 (internet), 978-9949-490-37-0 (printed)

Ilmumisaeg: 2012

6 November 2012, Tartu
Compiled by Mare Kõiva, Ülo Valk

The symposium “Narrated Worlds of Belief” is dedicated to the 70th birthday of Hungarian folklorist and ethnologist Mihály Hoppál, eminent scholar of Eurasian shamanism.
In Estonia, Mihály Hoppál has many friends among his colleagues studying folk belif, ethnology, linguistics, fennougrists, art, as well as translators. Mihály Hoppál is the founder of 12 professional (some of them international) publication series like Bibliotheca Shamanistica, Shaman, the grand project Mythologia Uralica series, not to mention his latest endeavour – a bilingual series of epcis in Hungarian and the original language.
Mihály Hoppál has written about two dozen books, edited even more and written uncountable articles. In addition, he is the author of ethnographic films and an original thesaurus of symbols.
Symposion gives the opportunity to discuss of the timeless problems among all the important and intriguing issues related to narrated worlds of belief.