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Folkloristlikud CD-d ja videod

Sellelt leheküljelt leiate alfabeetiliselt pealkirja järgi järjestatud folkloristliku sisuga CD-de ja videode lühitutvusi, mida saate endale ka tellida.

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Anthology of Estonian traditional music 1-3

Anthology of Estonian traditional music 1-3. Helisalvestusi Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiivist; nr. 3

Herbert Tampere, Erna Tampere, Olli Kõiva, ERA, Hind: 250.00 EEK

The second complemented version of the publication Eesti rahvalaule ja pillilugusid. Tekstid ja kommentaarid by H. Tampere, E. Tampere ja O. Kõiva. This new edition released in modern format (CD) is the result of the cooperation of the present folklorists and ethnomusicologists of the Estonian Literary Museum. The main part of the anthology consists of regilaul and other contemporaneous vocal genres. The instrumental music is represented by pieces played on archaic instruments of herders and earlier dance tunes. Unlike the original edition all songs have been presented in their complete entirety, commentaries by performers have also been added. The introduction to the original edition provides an excellent overview of the origin and development of the concept of folklore as well as the history of folklore collection in Estonia, the main characteristics of the earlier folk songs, the history of singing style, musical instruments and their functions, but also the concept of culture of the period and the ideological mechanism of control used by the Soviet Union. In addition to the (entire) song texts the booklet includes the basic melody of the songs, a short introduction of performers and editors, and is illustrated with a larger selection of photographs.

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