Frequency: 1 issue/ year
Since  the year 1996

SATOR: Studies in Folk Belief, Mythology and Customs
Publisher: ELM Scholarly Press, Tartu, Estonia.

Current Issue: SATOR 22

ISSN 1406-2011 (print)
ISSN 1736-0323 (e-version)
DOI: 10.7592/Sator.2021.22


Established more than twenty years ago, Sator, Studies in Folk Belief, Mythology and Customs is a multilingual peer-reviewed, fully open-access scholarly periodical. The publication is broadly interdisciplinary. It seeks to publish the best theoretical and empirical research across all subfields of folklore, ethnology of religion, old and new mythologies, rituality, and pays special attention to the studies of less researched Eurasian cultures and their diversity, especially the cultures of Finno- Ugric-Uralic language-speaking communities, as Estonia has a long tradition of investigating them.

Sator is published as the yearbook of the Department of Folk Belief Studies of the Estonian Literary Museum, in co-operation with the Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies, the Academic Society for Folklore Studies, the NGO Estonian Folklore Institute, with the support of the Kindered People’s Programme and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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