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Udmurt Mythology and Folklore

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The book you have in your hands is not an ordinary book. It is the first wider approach to Udmurt folklore in English. Udmurt folkloristics has a relatively long history: taking into account the general pattern of cultural development it is more than one and a half centuries. Unhappily for international communication, it is overwhelmingly in Russian. This is the first systematic attempt to open up this rich material to the international scholarly community.

Editors for this issue are Mare Kõiva, Nikolai Anisimov and Eva Toulouze.

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DOI: 10.7592/Sator.2021.22


Preface: Ninety Years – Something Old and Something New (9-30)

Mare Kõiva, Eva Toulouze, Nikolai Anisimov

Studies in Udmurt Folkloristics
Rituals and Socialisation in the Udmurt Folk Calendar (31-72)

Tatiana Vladykina, Galina Glukhova, Tatiana Panina

Transition Periods in the Udmurt Folk Calendar and Their

Galina Glukhova

About vozho, the Spirit of Transition Time and Formation of Holiness among Udmurt and Komi (83-106)

Aado Lintrop

Water Bodies in Besserman Mythology and Ritual (107-140)

Elena Popova

The Udmurt Pantheon and the Udmurt Worldview (141-150)

Tatiana Vladykina

Inmar, the Udmurt God, in Modern Udmurt Literature (151-166)

Aleksey Arzamazov

Forest Spirits in the Udmurt Worldview (167-196)

Tatiana Panina, Tatiana Vladykina

Home Spirits in the Udmurt Mythology (197-224)

Tatiana Vladykina, Galina Glukhova

A Systematic Investigation of Sacred Space in the
Kama-Vyatka Region: Udmurt Materials

Nadezhda Shutova

Tradition and Diversity among Udmurt Sacrificial Priests (257-308)

Eva Toulouze, Liivo Niglas

“Seeing off a Recruit”: The Ritual and Its Songs in the Udmurt Traditional Culture (309-350)

Valeriia Fedorova

The Ritual Importance of the Chuk, a Symbolic
Bundle of Thread (351-376)

Tatiana Vladykina, Galina Glukhova, Tatiana Panina

A Contemporary Commemoration of the Dead: Yyr-pyd s’oton in Southern Udmurtia (377-396)

Denis Kornilov

Sound in Udmurt Rituals (397-426)

Irina Nurieva

An Udmurt Flute (427-438)

Irina Pchelovodova

An Udmurt Exceptional Performer, Dzhakapay (439-468)

Irina Pchelovodova, Nikolai Anisimov

Presence Presence of Witchcraft in the Contemporary Udmurt

Nikolai Anisimov

Book Reviews

The Udmurt Ritual Year and Its Roots (503-506)

Mare Kõiva

How the Udmurt Understand the World, and Man in It (507-516)

Eva Toulouze, Nikolai Anisimov

About Tatiana Vladykina

Tatiana Vladykina’s Contribution to Udmurt Folkloristics (517-528)

Aleksey Arzamazov, Galina Glukhova, Tatiana Panina

Grateful Remembrances (529-532)

Aleksey Arzamazov

My Teacher, My Master and My Friend for Life:
Or the Person, the Scholar Who Determined My Fate

Galina Glukhova

She Taught Me to See the World (Dedicated to Tatiana
Grigoryevna Vladykina)

Tatiana Korobova (Okuneva)

About Tatiana Vladykina (542-547)

Anna Mutina

To Tatiana (548-552)

Mare Kõiva

A Mind That Understands Words… (553-562)

Eva Toulouze