Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Animals at Work

Hella Keem Kanepi (1966)

Lauldes imiteeritakse iga looma tegevust.

Mina lät´si Siidile, Siidile, Siidile,
Siidil ol´lik kur´ap pinik, kur´ap pinik, kur´ap piniq.
Kai, mis Siidil tet´ti, tet´ti, tet´ti.
Kas´s kudi kangast, kangast, kangast,
hiir höörät´ hoiõ, hoiõ, hoiõ,
jänes jakas´ langa, langa, langa,
orrav mõskse tarrõ, tarrõ, tarrõ,
kahr kor´as´ kandõ, kandõ, kandõ,
susi kiitse ruuga, ruuga, ruuga,
ai oinast vett tuuma, vett tuuma, vett tuuma.
Oinas ütel´: “Mää-ää-ää-ää-ää-ää,
küll ma hummõn lää-ää-ää-ää-ää-ää!”

During the song the activities of the animals are acted out.

I went to Siidi.
At Siidi there were mean dogs.
I watched what at Siidi they were doing.
The cat was weaving a bolt of cloth,
the mouse was pushing the shuttle,
the rabbit was measuring out the yarn,
the squirrel was rinsing out the room,
the bear was collecting fire wood,
the wolf was cooking food,
he sent the ram to fetch some water,
The ram he answered: “Baa-aa, baa-aa, baa-aa,
I'll go fetch it tomaa-aa-rrow, tomaa-aa-rrow, tomaa-aa-rrow!”

ER < Tartu l. < Kanepi khk. – O. Kõiva Eesti Raadios 1966. a. < Hella Keem, 52-a.
[LP III b 4; CD1-35].