Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Julius Paas

Erna Tampere, Julius Paas and Herbert Tampere in 1957. Photo by R. Hansen. ERA, Foto 2958.

Julius Paas (1882–1966) was one of the ten children of Hipp Paas the mistress of Tämbälse farm and one of the famous singers of Hargla Parish in the Mõniste region. All of Hipp’s children were good singers. Julius inherited his father’s farm and was a successful farmer. He considered it extremely important to provide a good education for his three children. An optimistic outlook on life and good spirits helped him survive the years of exile as a deportee in Siberia. In 1956 Julius was allowed to return with his wife to his birthplace at Tämbälse farm. It was here that he was paid a visit by an expedition from the folklore archives in 1957. The 14 regilaul he had learned from Hipp were recorded in 1965.