Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Liidia Kampus

Liidia Kampus in 1961. Photo by E. Liiv. ERA, Foto 5518.

Liidia Kampus (1898–1983) was a native of the village of Leie in Kolga-Jaani. Because she had not been to school anywhere else nor had she spent any great length of time away from her village, at the time these recordings were made in 1961 she was the best dialect speaker in her village. Liidia Kampus sang a dozen or so newer songs onto the tapes including a few village songs composed on the spot as well as a couple of regilaul. The tradition of composing village songs was very strong and survived quite a long time in Leie. When people were gathered together there was always singing and Liide was a good singer. Her family earned their living as share-croppers and she raised three children.