Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Juuli Ott

Juuli Ott, Marie Paemurd, Herbert Tampere, August Pulst, Liisu Tamp and Mari Kilu at the Music Museum in 1936. Photo by P. Parikas. ERA, Foto 828.

Juuli Ott (1870–1944) was from the village of Odiste, Kolga-Jaani Parish. At the age of eighteen she moved to Tallinn. Juuli had received a rather good education as she had attended the village and parish school for seven winters. In Tallinn she worked as a seamstress. There had been quite a lot of singers in the area of her home. Her father played the horn, jew’s harp and violin. Juuli had learned to play the violin and also knew a few regilaul songs. She took part in the folk music tours and in 1936 the National Radio recorded 5 songs and 3 violin pieces from her.