Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Note on Source References

Each song and instrumental tune is followed by a source reference with the following information:

  • Reference to the original sound recordings at the Estonian Folklore Archives: ERA, Fon. – collection of wax cylinders; ERA, Pl. – collection of reportage (shellac) discs; RKM, Mgn. II – collection of monophonic open-reel tape recordings; ER – copies from the sound archives of Estonian Radio.
  • "<" precedes information on the performer's place of residence (abbreviations refer to administrative units: al. – a small town; as. – a settlement; k. – a village; khk. – a parish; kn. – a village soviet; l. – a town; raj. – a district; v. – a community).
  • "–" precedes the collector's name, information on recording situation (Eesti Raadio ekspeditsioonil – at the field work expedition of Estonian Radio; Kirjandusmuuseumi ekspeditsioonil – at the field work expedition of the Literary Museum; Riigi Ringhäälingus – at the National Radio), and recording dates.
  • "<" precedes the performer's name and age or year of birth.
  • In parentheses [ ] in bold font stand the original track numbers from the first, 1970 edition and the 2003 CD-edition.
  • Reference to published music notations (if any available).