Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Jukk Akermann

Jukk Akermann with buckhorn in summer 1912. Photo by A. O. Väisänen. ERA, Foto 4627.

Jukk Akermann (?–1922) was recorded playing the buckhorn on the phonograph by the great Finnish collector Armas Otto Väisänen on his first collecting expedition to Estonia in 1912. Jukk lived on Käomäe farm in the village of Oeküla in Karula Parish. Jukk’s cowherd’s horn had only three holes but he played 14 pieces on it for Väisänen. He and his wife also sang a couple of regilaul as well as quite a number of newer folksongs. He and his son played a duct flute that Väisänen had with him. According to Jukk’s son-in-low he was a large, thickset man. On longer trips he always had the buckhorn with him and his playing even entranced the Latvian members of his audiences.

Instrumental Tunes: