Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Liisa Kümmel

Liisa Kümmel and the folklore collector Arvo Krikmann in 1963. Photo by H. Kokamägi. ERA, Foto 6689.

Liisa Kümmel (1888–1964) was from the village of Leetva in Suure-Jaani Parish. It was here, mainly from her parents, where she learned her songs and stories, for she was also a talented story teller. In the 1960’s when Liisa was living in the village of Ore, which is in Tori Parish, 147 songs and 218 stories in multiple recordings were recorded from her. Among Liisa’s songs there are spells and charms, children’s songs and old song games. She had learned her regilaul from her father and a number of them in fact belong to the traditionally male repertoire (piece 65). Liisa knew quite a lot of newer rhymed songs and also created many songs and poems of her own that combine many stylistic features of folk songs as well literary works.