Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

A Cabin for the Bride to Sleep In

Hella Keem learned from Miina Leht, Kanepi (1966)

Oles sina inne, joeda, mulle tulnuq,
joeda, mulle tulnuq,
ailii, mulle tulnuj, joo,
ma-les sulle ammuq tare tennüq,
kanamunest kambre tennüq,
pardsimunest paari pannu,
rästämunest rästäsviho,
tedremunest trepi tennüq,
sisse säädnü siidisängü!

Had you once, joeda, come as my wife,
joeda, come as my wife,
ailii, come as my wife, joo,
I would have built you a cabin long ago,
from a hen's egg I would have made the chamber,
from a duck's egg raised the rafters,
from the eggs of a thrush made the thatch of the eaves,
from the eggs of a grouse made the threshold,
inside I would have arranged a silken bed!

ER < Tartu l. < Kanepi khk., Kooraste v., Karste k. – O. Kõiva Eesti Raadios 1966. a. < Hella Keem, 52-a. < Miina Leht.
[LP V b 5; CD2-10].