Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Mihkel Tiitus

Mihkel Tiitus with alderwood horn in 1965. Photo by R. Hansen. ERA, Foto 7488.

Mihkel Tiitus (1899–1979) from the village of Rätsepa (formerly Puista) in Tori Parish was recorded playing pieces on the traditional herder’s horn during the 1965 collecting expeditions of the folklore archives. He had learned to make these instruments and play them at the age of seven. In the summer he normally had a horn soaking. He would usually play trumpet calls to the folks and the children at home. Mihkel Tiitus had taken part in the war of independence. He had studied to become a farmer and had gone to Denmark to gain experience. This very knowledgeable farmer was branded a kulak during the period of collectivization. Nevertheless after his forced exile Mihkel returned to his home farm in 1960 and restored the old homestead, which had suffered a lot of damage. He became well-known as a keen naturalist and bird watcher.

Instrumental Tunes: