Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Ruuben Kesler

Ruuben Kesler with duct flute at a recording session in Tallinn in 1936–1938. Photo by P. Parikas. ERA, Foto 853.

Ruuben Kesler’s (1878–1965) pieces on the violin, jew’s harp and duct flute were recorded by the National Radio in 1938. Ruuben Kesler lived in the village of Vasavere, Jõhvi Parish in the eastern part of County Virumaa. He was the owner of a large farm and windmill. Ruuben was a multi-talented musician; he made different types of herder’s horns and played them, he could read music and played dance tunes as well as patriotic and church songs. He stated: “As soon as I get back from the fields I start playing, it makes my spirit joyful and my body light”.