Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Kristjan Kiviloo

Kristjan Kiviloo, also known as Pime Jaan (‘Blind Jaan’) in 1962. Photo by H. Kokamägi. ERA, Foto 6251.

In Harjumaa County the older singing traditions survived longest in continuous use in the coastal parishes. Kristjan Kiviloo (1893–1967) was born and raised in the village of Viinistu, which was situated east of Juminda on Pärispea peninsula. This was also part of Kuusalu Parish. After World War II he moved to the neighbouring village of Turbuneeme. It was there that the folklorists on a collecting expedition in 1962 recorded two regilaul as well as Estonian and Finnish newer rhymed songs. Kristjan was from the Manitski clan, well known as a family of singers. Right from birth he had bad eyesight and as a result was not able to work outdoors, but that gave him more time for singing and he had an excellent singing voice – in his youth his singing could be heard from Viinistu across the water all the way to Mohni Island.