Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Liina Irdt

Liina Irdt in 1964. Photo by R. Hansen. ERA, Foto 7034.

Liina Irdt (1890–1966) was mistress of Lauri farm in the village of Tõhela. Hendrik Jantson had sung at her wedding. Liina, whose father had to travel from place to place because of his carpentry work, became the sole female wedding singer in Tõhela after her marriage. Her songs have been recorded during the 1964 and 1965 collecting expeditions of the folklore archives. At that time, over the age of 70, Liina was still spry in her movements and emotional in her speech. As far as regilaul is concerned she sang primarily wedding songs but she also knew many round dances and other newer folk songs.