Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Mart Kaasen

Mart Kaasen with bowed harp at a recording session in Tallinn in 1936–1938. Photo by P. Parikas. ERA, Foto 8086.

Mart Kaasen (1869–1955) played the bowed harp, a typical instrument of western Estonia, at weddings. At the time he’s playing was recorded in 1936 at the National Radio he was the owner of the farm where he was born in the village of Kirimäe in Lääne-Nigula Parish. Mart Kaasen was one of the most conscientious and well-to-do farmers in the area. He was a good carpenter and made also bowed harps. He was a member of the community council and had also served as its chairman. Shy in his temperament, reflective and a man of few words, he was nevertheless an energetic and dynamic musician.