Recordings from the Estonian Folklore Archives 3

Pauline Vapper

Pauline Vapper in 1975. Photo by O. Kiis. ERA, Foto 11167.

Pauline Vapper (1904–2004) represents the singing traditions of Muhu island, which lies between Saaremaa and the mainland. After her marriage Pauline’s home was in the village of Suuremõisa. She had seven children and was a farm wife. During the period of collective farms she earned her living by weaving. Liina sang in the choir and taught old Muhu dances to the local folk dance group. She considered her father Madis Saarik, who was an outstanding singer and dancer, to have been her teacher. Many of the dozens of regilaul that were recorded from her in fact belong to a traditionally male repertoire. Thanks to her excellent memory and faculty for observation Liina knew many newer rhymed songs, dances, games as well as older customs. Her fame as an expert on traditions was established though her recordings for Estonian Radio in 1958. Later she was repeatedly recorded and in 1975 she organized a performance of song games that was filmed.